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Friend, Family or Colleague Hero Award

This award is for anyone from 18 years of age.  It could be someone who has inspired you through their own acts of bravery and courage despite being faced with the challenges and adversity that allergy may bring.  It could be that despite their allergy they have not been deterred from achieving their own goals, or had their positivity and personality affected.

This award could also be for a friend or a work colleague who, through their own experience of allergy, either as a sufferer themselves or as a friend or colleague of someone living with allergy, has gone above and beyond expectations. This could be through raising awareness and improving public understanding of allergy, or it could be that this person has simply been an amazing support for their friend or work colleague.

Nominations have now closed.

If you have any further questions, please email

Will award winners and nominees get a free ticket to the awards ceremony?

The winner for each category will receive a free ticket to attend the event and a plus one. The nominator for each category winner will also receive a free ticket to attend. Unsuccessful nominees will not receive a free ticket, but will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket online.