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Joshua's story

In preparation for my 13th birthday where I will reach the age of bar mitzvah, I have decided to take on 13 challenges/good deeds.  With 5 Scout friends, I am going to take on the Chiltern 20 hike in October 2017.  A tough 20km orienteering walk in the Chiltern Hills organised by Greater London North Scout County, to see what our physical ability is and to raise money for Allergy UK.

I am anaphylactic to peanuts and fish which means that if I eat either of them I could die. Allergy UK run a great service that informs its members of food that has been labelled incorrectly to ensure that people like me don’t eat the wrong thing. 

In April a well-known brand incorrectly packaged up some sweets that contained peanuts. My mum received an alert informing her about the potentially deadly contamination and let me know.  The very next day my Grandpa unwittingly purchased the product for us to share. I remembered the alert and we looked up the batch number, and it was indeed part of the contaminated batch. Allergy UK saved my life.