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MySpira is the world’s first Augmented Reality asthma training app for children and is proud to be supporting Allergy UK. 

‘Various studies have shown that up to 93% of asthma sufferers use their inhalers incorrectly’. 

We’ve developed MySpira primarily for the purpose of educating children (aged 5-12) on positive asthma inhaler behaviour. Within 20 minutes, the patient will meet a friendlt space alien with asthma called Spira, from the planet Bronchi, and help him get to grips with asthma through 8 fun and immersive, gamified modules, earning digital rewards as they go. The app tackles triggers, inhaler education, preparation, medicine inhalation and loads more. 

MySpira represents a revolution in learning. 

My Spira is available for schools, pharmacies and GP surgeries to download as well as a consumer version for use at home.

Karyn McBride, asthma nurse and medical advisor to MySpira comments...

A good inhaler technique significantly cuts the risk of having an asthma attack – if your technique isn’t correct, you might not be getting the full dose of medicine prescribed. Common mistakes I see include inadequate shaking of canister before inhalation, inhaling too fast or too slowly and not using it at the right angle. I’ve even seen somebody leave the cap on! There is a real need for better and modernised education, so patients, including children, can take control of their asthma.