Catering Endorsement Schemes

At Allergy UK, we understand how scary it can be eating out with a food allergy, which is why we created the Allergy Aware Scheme.

Allergy is undoubtedly on the rise, which is why awareness is so crucial, particularly for those working in the food service industry. In 2014 legislation changed, it is now a legal requirement for caterers to be able to provide clear and reliable information about what is in their dishes. The Allergy Aware Scheme goes one step further, putting peace of mind on the menu.

Food outlets are working with national charity Allergy UK to ensure that people with allergy can eat out in confidence, knowing that Allergy Aware Scheme restaurants have undergone robust training and have taken a proactive approach to ensure the safety of their customers.

Allergy UK encourage more establishments to come on board the Allergy Aware Scheme. It’s great to see more and more catering outlets taking a responsible and proactive approach to food allergy training and general allergy awareness.

Outlets which have successfully joined the scheme have passed a rigorous site audit undertaken by a food safety professional. The audit assesses catering outlets on their staff training, supplier information, purchase and delivery of orders, storage of goods, handling and preparation as well as order taking and front of house.

These outlets have demonstrated that they are operating above and beyond the Food Information Regulations (FIR’s) and that staff have a high standard of allergen knowledge and practice in customer service for those with food allergies.

If you are interested in our Allergy Aware Scheme and wish to know more about it, please use the contact us form at the bottom of the page.

The Allergy Aware Scheme is managed by Allergy Research Limited which is a trading subsidiary of Allergy UK (the operational name of the British Allergy Foundation).

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