Robert Thomas Twin XT Aqua & Anti Allergy Vacuum Aquafilter (Bagless)

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The new THOMAS generation with AQUA+Technology

Vacuum Cleaner with high effective dust removal – without bag

The AQUA+Technology absorbs house dust mite, cat and dog allergens efficiently in the water and guarantees perfect dust filtering. Easy and hygienic disposal together with the household‘s waste water.Specialized for allergy sufferers

People with allergy should always wear protective items, such as a face mask and gloves when they empty a bagless vacuum cleaner, to reduce their exposure to allergens. We also recommend that vacuum cleaners are carefully emptied outside and directly into a bag which should be sealed or closed immediately to avoid the creation of a ‘dust cloud’, and the dispersal of allergens back into the indoor environment.


The new vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers

With AQUA+-Technology- Vacuuming and without dust bags

During vacuum cleaning, the dust should not be swirled up as happens with traditional vacuum cleaners, but it should simply disappear. And this is exactly what the new THOMAS Vacuum cleaners make with the innovative AQUA+ Technology. Allergen – house dust mites, cat and dog – will be absorbed reliably in the water of the AQUA-Box and dispose with the dirty water.

1700 Watt max., with an extensive range of special equipment geared towards allergy sufferer problems.


Endorsed Model No’s:

Thomas Anti – Allergy
Thomas Mistral XS
Thomas Perfect Air Animal Pure
Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure
Thomas Aqua Multi Clean X7
Thomas Lorelea XT
Thomas Aqua Pet & Family
Thomas Cat & Dog XT
Thomas Aqua Home Clean & Parquet
Thomas Vestfalia XT
Thomas Twin XT
Parkett Prestige XT
Parkett Master XT
Parkett Style XT
Multi Clean X8
Multi Clean X10
Thomas Mokko XT Aqua – Box
Thomas Sky XT Aqua – Box