Panasonic Washing Machine with 'Hygiene' Program

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Designed for easy allergen removal: get rid of pollen, house dust mites by simply using the “Hygiene” programme. Washes clothes with hot 60°C/90°C water to keep fabrics extra hygienic by removing common household allergens that irritate sensitive skin. This washing programme reduces 99.99% of allergens from your laundry.

Active Speed Wash 49mins with Active Foam System:
Fast washing in just 49mins with fine, high-density foam. Panasonic’s Active Foam System delivers optimum washing performance even in a shorter time. It gives you more time for the important things in life.

Intensive Stain Removal with StainMaster+:
StainMaster+ easily removes stains with the turn of a dial through a combination of finer foam and the ideal water temperature. (For NA-S106X1, NA-120VX6, NA129VX6, NA-128VX6)

3D Sensor Wash:
Detects unbalanced clothes and adjusts the tub rotation speed accordingly resulting in optimal lifting/dropping of clothes for tumbling wash.

Bacterial Elimination with Blue Ag+:
Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from fabrics without a high temperature wash through Blue Ag+. This innovative hygiene technology combines silver ions and UV light to save electricity while still sterilizing all clothes with less color fading and shrinking. (For NA-S106X1, NA-120VX6, NA-129VX6)

“Hygiene” washing program:
Washes clothes with hot 60˚C/90˚C water to give fabric extra hygiene. It removes bacteria and allergens that irritate sensitive skin from clothes. This ideal for washing babies’ items such a babies’ clothes, towel, bedding and sportswear.

Energy & Water Saving with advanced technology – ECONAVI & INVERTER
ECONAVI detects water temperature, wash load amount, laundry material and automatically adjusts operation to save energy, water, and time by eliminating waste. (For NA-S106X1, NA-S106G1, NA-120VX6, NA-120VG6, NA-129VX6, NA-129VG6)

Inverter can minimize energy loss and realize quieter operation

Endorsed Model Range:
NA-120VX6 – 10kg
NA-129VX6 – 9kg
NA-128VX6 – 8kg
NA-120VG6 – 10kg
NA-129VG6 – 9kg
NA-128VG6 – 8kg
NA-S106X1 – 10kg
NA-S106G1 – 10kg