Panasonic Front Loading Washing Machine With Allergy Course

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Designed for easy allergen removal: get rid of mite & cedar pollen by simply using the “Allergy” programme. Washes clothes with hot 60°C/90°C water to keep fabrics extra hygienic by removing common household allergens that irritate sensitive skin. This washing programme reduces more than 99% of allergens from your laundry.

Blue Ag+
With a combination of UV light & Ag ions, Panasonic’s Blue Ag technology eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, and has a powerful antibacterial effect. Since it’s a normal temperature water wash, there’s no worry of damage your clothes.

Stain Master+
StainMaster+ easily removes stubborn stains with a combination of fine foam and ideal water temperature with just the turn of a dial. (Except for V80FB1 & V85 FB1)

Active Foam System
The ActiveFoam System creates fine, high-density foam before the washing cycle starts. Fine foam lifts, separates and removes dirt from deep in fibers.

EcoNavi & Inverter
ECONAVI detects water temperature, wash load amount, laundry material and automatically adjusts operation to save energy, water, and time by eliminating waste. (Except for V80FB1 & V85 FB1)

Inverter can minimize energy loss and realize quieter operation.

Endorsed Model Range:
NA-V10FX1 – 10kg – Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand
NA-V90FX1 – 9kg – Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
NA-V95FX1 – 9.5kg – Australia, New Zealand
NA-V80FX1 – 8kg – Singapore, Malaysia
NA-V85FX1 – 8.5kg – Australia, New Zealand
NA-V10FG1 – 10kg – Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia
NA-V90FG1 – 9kg – Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
NA-V80FB1 – 8kg – Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines
NA-V85FB1 – 8.5kg – Australia, New Zealand