Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ Tissues

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Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ tissues are designed to provide comfort to your allergy symptoms.

The tissues are extremely gentle and ultra-absorbent whilst also being safe to use around the eyes. They contain no fragrances, inks or dyes and have been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ regular box twin – 56 sheets per box. Box = 23.00cm X 11.40cm X 9.20cm, 30g

Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ soft pack – 50 sheets per pack, 16.00cm X 9.80cm X 3.20cm, 8g

Discover Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ – tissues designed to comfort the symptoms of hay fever, dust, and pet allergies.

Did you know Kleenex facial tissues were developed after the company’s Head of Research started using disposable tissues instead of his handkerchief to relieve hay fever symptoms back in 1929? So, it only seemed natural for Kleenex to develop a super soft and absorbent tissue specifically for hay fever and other allergy symptoms.

Allergy Comfort™ tissues have been both dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested meaning you’re safe to use these on the sensitive skin around the nose and eyes – and they’re hypoallergenic too, of course.

As part of the Kleenex sustainability initiative #EveryStepCounts, Allergy Comfort™ regular tissue boxes have an opening collar made of paper instead of plastic making them 100% recyclable with your kerbside collection. Kleenex has now removed all plastic from their tissue boxes – that’s the equivalent weight of 8 million* 500ml plastic bottles every year! Learn more about #EveryStepCounts here.

Allergy Comfort™ tissues aren’t only available in a box pack  though. Kleenex have launched a handy on-the-go solution that holds nearly the same amount of ultra-absorbent tissues as a regular box but in a smaller, soft pack which is perfect to keep in your bag for when you’re out and need to tend to your allergy symptoms. Discover Allergy Comfort™ Soft Packs

Kleenex has partnered with Allergy UK to help the 13 million people in the UK suffering with hay fever live more comfortably during the peak allergy season. Check out their range of helpful articles on living more Allergy Comfortable here.