Hotpoint-Ariston Heat Pump Condenser Tumble Dryer A Class

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ANTI ALLERGY ACTION. New Hotpoint/Hotpoint-Ariston Tumble Dryers take care of your laundry guaranteeing you perfect hygiene and outstanding drying results. The special Anti Allergy Cycle it is an ideal solution to help reducing problems due to allergens providing a deep sterilization of the garments.


AQC9 4F7 E1M (UK), GREEN TD 9A1 (UK) – UK


AQC9 6F7 TM1 (EU), TCD 874 6H1 (EU, AQC8 1F7 T1/N (EU), TCD 871 6HY1 (EU), TCD 971 6CY1 (EU), TCD 971 6HY1 (EU), AQC8 2F7 TM1 (EU), AQC9 2F7 TM2 1 (EU), AQC9 4F5 T/Z1 (EU) – Europe

AQC8 3F5 T/Z1 (IT), AQC9 4F5 T/Z1 (IT), TCD 833 6H/Z1 (IT), TCD 974 6C1 (IT) – Italy

AQC9 6F7 TM (TK) – Turkey