Allergy Block Bedding Range

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The fabric weaved by high-density to minimize the porosity of the fabric and blocking the house dust mites, and has the advantage of always keeping the comfortable state to pass through air and moisture. Also it does not stimulate the skin upon contact.

Retail Price

ss size: USD108.12, GBP75.73
Q size : USD133.27, GBP93.34
K size : USD150.03, GBP105.08

Dawon Allergy Block Bedding Range made from Microfiber

Endorsed Model Range:

Allergy Block Duvet Cover ABS-D160
Allergy Block Duvet Cover AB-D200
Allergy Block Mattress Cover ABS-M110
Allergy Block Mattress Cover ABQ-M150
Allergy Block Mattress Cover ABK-M165
Allergy Block Pillow Cover AB-P50