AEG Ergorapido Vacuum Cleaners (Bagless)

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The only cordless 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner with the CX7 Animal Care Nozzle for the advanced pick-up of dirt and pet hair in one go.

Vacuum Cleaner Mode: House Dust Mite, Cat, Dog and Pollen
Bedvac Mode: House Dust Mite, Cat, Dog and Bacteria

People with allergy should always wear protective items, such as a face mask and gloves when they empty a bagless vacuum cleaner, to reduce their exposure to allergens. We also recommend that vacuum cleaners are carefully emptied outside and directly into a bag which should be sealed or closed immediately to avoid the creation of a ‘dust cloud’, and the dispersal of allergens back into the indoor environment.

Endorsed Model Range:
CX7-45ANI – using motorized Pet nozzle
CX7-45SP – using motorized Pet nozzle
CX7-45ST – using motorized Pet nozzle
CX7-45SR – using motorized Pet nozzle
CX7-35CB, CX7-35WR
CX7-35TM, CX7-35BME
CX7-35-FFP, CX7-35CB
CX7-35TM, CX7-35BM
CX7-2-35TM, CX7-2-35RM
CX7-2-35Ö, CX7-2-35FF
CX7-2-45BM, CX7-2-45IM
CX7-2-B360 – using motorized Pet nozzle
CX7-2-S360 – using motorized Pet nozzle
CX7-2-I360 – using motorized Pet nozzle
CX7-2-45AN – using motorized Pet nozzle
CX7-2-45WM – using motorized Bed nozzle

Motorised CX7 Animal Care Nozzle for advanced pick-up of dirt and pet hair in one go

High performance Lithium HD TurboPower battery for optimal cleaning performance and longer run time

2 in 1 Versatility – with a removable hand unit, you’ll be quick to clean high surfaces such as tables or shelves.

180° EasySteer™ maneuverability system for smooth turning and movement on all floors

BrushRollClean™ technology lets you untangle hairs and fibers from the brush by simply pushing down a pedal