Uber Eats Super Bowl ad mocks food allergies: It’s time to take allergy seriously.

The latest ad from Uber Eats, due to air during the Super Bowl this weekend, has rightfully attracted vocal criticism from the allergic community.

Burton Paul, CEO for Allergy UK, explains, “It is incredibly disappointing and irresponsible for an organisation with the scale and reach of Uber Eats, to use a multi-million dollar global advertising spot, to diminish and misrepresent the food-allergic community. The ad is offensive to millions of people living with food allergies and demonstrates a disregard for a health condition that has tragically claimed too many lives already.

Upsetting and inaccurate depictions of food allergies in high-profile popular culture moments such as the Super Bowl, contribute to prevailing attitudes that food allergies do not need to be taken seriously. The ad goes against everything Allergy UK stands for which is to highlight the importance of taking allergy seriously, and our vision that no one should die of allergy.

We urge Uber Eats to pull this advertisement out of respect to those living with food allergies. It also highlights a need for parts of the food service industry to be more allergy aware and continually review their conduct, processes and practices to ensure they are doing all they can to help keep those living with food allergies safe.”

The ad titled “Don’t forget Uber Eats” features a man experiencing an allergic reaction asking, “There’s peanuts in peanut butter?” followed by saying, “Oh, it’s the primary ingredient”. To suggest that the food allergic community would simply ‘forget’ they have a life-threatening allergy, is harmful and insensitive. It is not a harmless joke. Indeed, our current campaign to raise awareness of why #IngredientsMatter  spotlights how the fastidious reading of labels is so central to ensuring they stay safe.

We stand with the food-allergic community’s calls to pull this advertisement before Sunday.

Food allergies are not a laughing matter. It’s time to take food allergy seriously.