Not Just Skin Deep – Getting Under the Skin of Eczema

A new report from Allergy UK calls for better care for people living with eczema

A joint report published by Allergy UK and Sanofi highlights the burden of living with moderate to severe eczema (atopic dermatitis) and sets out the changes that should be made to improve services for those that live with this distressing condition.

The report highlights variations in waiting times across the country, negative mental health impacts and disruption to work and daily life and it presents key healthcare solutions to address the issues faced by patients, reform the patient pathway and improve lives. It comes following a survey which included both people living with eczema and healthcare professionals and FOI responses from the remaining CCGs within Integrated Care Systems.

A key recommendation in the report is for NICE to develop standardised adolescent and adult guidelines for eczema patients. Nearly half of the healthcare professionals surveyed said that they did not have clear guidance and support around diagnosis and referral for adolescents and adults with severe eczema.

While many of the issues raised in this report existed before COVID-19 almost half of the patients surveyed said that COVID-19 had made it more difficult to access services and treatments. And the report recommends that in-person consultations for skin conditions should be returned to ensure their accurate diagnosis and management.

Click here for the full report.

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