Back to School

Supporting families and teachers with managing food allergies at school.

The start of every school year means fresh uniforms, backpacks and more importantly for children living with allergies, a new teacher and routine.

Returning to school can be an anxious time for those living with food allergies as they negotiate unfamiliar environments, school lunch halls and new classmates and teachers.  It can also be a stressful time for teachers who perhaps have a child with allergies in their class for the first time.

We have put together a variety of resources for students, teachers, parents and carers to make this transition back to school straightforward and to empower parents and children to feel safe in schools.

Our five tips for returning to school this September

  1. Speak to your school before September. Every school is set up differently, so it’simpossible to know exactly what they’re planning without asking.
  2. Review your child’s allergy management plan with their new teacher. New measures within the school may mean that your child’s plan needs to be changed slightly, this will also give you opportunity to check staff are trained in allergy management.
  3. Make sure you are stocked up on medication and that Adrenaline Auto-Injectors are in date before the term begins.
  4. Buy a product that notifies people of your child’s allergy, such as a medical ID bracelet. These products can be bought online and include bracelets, lunchboxes,and stickers.
  5. Ask if the school can raise awareness of allergies amongst staff and pupils. This doesn’tmean singling out your child, but educating everyone on allergies in an assembly, class activity or fundraising event.

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