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School Allergy Action Group (SAAG) Resource Kit

Do you want to:-

  • Develop a whole school awareness policy in your school?
  • Be at the forefront of effective allergy management in schools and be able to reassure parents, Governors and pupils?
  • Take benefit from the work we have already done with our case study schools and work through our stage by stage toolkit?

School Allergy Action Group (SAAG) Resource Kit

The SAAG process resource kit is now ready for further pilot testing and is available as a free download for secondary schools.

Any secondary school can sign up, download the full kit and work through the programme at their own pace to develop a whole school awareness and action management policy and practices that best suits their school.

How to get started:

Please email to providing a contact email; telephone number; school name; and (if not the same) the contact details for the school’s senior management team member that will be involved with implementation of the programme.

You can also complete our online form found here

What will happen next?:

We will be in touch to get you started as soon as possible. We’ll ask a few questions and explain the programme stages. Once started on the programme we’ll call you at intervals to help as may be needed and record milestones achieved.

Most importantly we want to hear from you if there are any parts of the kit that are unclear or otherwise need further refinement. So while we help you to set up your whole school allergy policy and practices, we ask you to help us with your valuable feedback.

For more information or to ask questions please contact us at:

What is a Schools Allergy Action Group (SAAG)?

Developing effective school allergy policy can be daunting and needs continuous reappraisal. Setting up a SAAG in your school will help to establish an effective structure for whole school policy development and monitoring.

Put simply, a SAAG is about getting the right mix of people around the table, who together can assess, manage and monitor risks around allergy to ensure the safety of pupils with allergies in a whole-school environment.

How a School Allergy Action Group (SAAG) can help your school

A SAAG can enable everyone who may have experience of, or be affected by, allergies to share knowledge, information and experience, with a view to generating a policy and action plan that will ensure the safety of everyone in school.

A SAAG comprises representatives of the key stakeholders in school who have an interest in ensuring the safety of pupils with allergenic responses and the managing of their medication so that they can engage fully in daily school activities.

For best practice SAAG should comprise of the following:

  • Senior Management Team
  • School Nurse
  • Class/subject Teachers eg PSHE, PE, Food technology
  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator/ Pastoral Care
  • Governor
  • Catering manager/school cook
  • Pupils with AND pupils without an allergy
  • Parents of pupils with AND without allergy
  • Administrator/school secretary
  • Teaching assistant

Please note that we are constantly updating the SAAG resource pack so please sign up to receive the latest versions here

Schools Allergy Action Group (SAAG) Information