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Allergy Uk's Allergy Aware Scheme

The Allergy Aware Scheme is an opportunity for catering outlets to demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding those with food allergy.

The Scheme helps provide consumers with confidence when eating out at food establishments that are recognised by Allergy UK. The Scheme represents responsible catering outlets that have been independently audited and where staff have undergone detailed allergy training.

92% of allergy suffers would feel more confident eating out at an Allergy Aware Scheme restaurant

Since joining Allergy UK’s Allergy Aware Scheme we have seen an increase in the number of people visiting with food allergies and are delighted that our food sales have increased by around 10-12%

Simon Yandell

Rainforest Cafe, London

The Allergy Aware Scheme audit assesses catering outlets on their staff training, suppliers, purchase and delivery of orders, storage of goods, handling and preparation as well as order taking and front of house.

Successful outlets will be listed on our Restaurant & Café Guide , which has the potential to reach thousands of people living with allergy.

If you are interested in our Allergy Aware Scheme and wish to know more about it, please contact Allergy UK for more information.

If you are looking for trade events to attend, please see our events listing.

I would strongly encourage all catering establishment owners who take food allergies seriously to apply to join Allergy UK’s Allergy Aware Scheme. If you aren’t already, it’s time to make the right changes to accommodate a very loyal customer base

Simon Yandell

Rainforest Cafe, London

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