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MAP Guideline 2019

The Milk Allergy in Primary Care (MAP) Guideline 2019

The new MAP Guideline has been developed in a collaboration between the GP Infant Feeding Network (GPIFN) UK and the MAP Guideline team.  This collaboration was based on shared goals of encouraging breastfeeding, promoting the appropriate management of infants with suspected milk allergy, avoiding delayed or over diagnosis and improving the quality of life for families and their infants.

The motivation for producing the MAP guidance was the reported delayed diagnosis of non IgE mediated cow’s milk – a condition that affects less than 2% of UK infants.  Symptoms can be difficult to spot because they can be common in well babies. However, where these symptoms persist and are resistant to medical treatment cow’s milk allergy should always be considered. 

This specific UK, primary care focused guideline for delayed type milk allergy should make a real difference in reducing the delay in the diagnosis of Cow’s Milk Allergy and, importantly, the suffering of infants and their families and carers.

Information on the background to the MAP Guidelines, the authors and the Guideline itself can be found here.

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