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1. Why has Kleenex® partnered with Allergy UK?

Kleenex® has partnered with leading British allergy charity Allergy UK to help the 13 million people in the UK suffering with Hay fever live more comfortably this season. This accompanies the launch of Kleenex Allergy Comfort™, Kleenex’s first ever range of tissues specifically designed to care for those who suffer from symptoms hay fever, pet and dust allergies, which has been awarded the ‘Allergy Friendly ‘endorsement by Allergy UK

2. What is Allergy UK’s role within this initiative? 

Allergy UK is the leading UK charity dedicated to supporting those with allergies. Together, Kleenex® and Allergy UK can make allergy sufferers’ lives more comfortable by sharing simple, easily accessible advice on how to manage symptoms and make the most out of the summer. 

3. Why now? 

Approximately 21 million people in the UK live with allergies. Kleenex® and Allergy UK have joined forces at a time when allergy sufferers across the country have been experiencing particularly strong allergy symptoms This could be for a number of reasons, including a very dry May and reduced pollution in the air because of the low levels of traffic during the lockdown. This has led to a 50% increase in calls to the Allergy UK Helpline. At this time of high demand for Allergy UK’s services, it’s crucial that their expert guidance and advice is widely available.

4. What information can I find on this website that would be helpful? 

A mixture of practical tips and advice provided by Allergy UK’s clinical experts to help all allergy sufferers regardless of the severity of their symptoms.

5. What else are Kleenex® and Allergy UK going to be doing to help those with allergies? 

If you follow Kleenex® or Allergy UK on social media, you will start to see a series of posts that will include tips and tricks from other allergy sufferers and expert clinical and psychological advice. 

Kleenex has also launched a new product, Kleenex Allergy Comfort™, which is a new range of tissues designed specifically to care for those with respiratory allergies. 

6. What is Kleenex®’s new product, Allergy Comfort™? 

Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ is a new range of tissues, designed to provide a touch of comfort for those experiencing symptoms of hay fever, pet or dust allergies. They are extremely gentle and ultra-absorbent, have 0% added fragrances, lotions and dyes and have also been dermatologically tested, making the tissue safe to use around watery eyes or runny noses. The range has been also awarded the ‘Allergy Friendly’ endorsement by Allergy UK.

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