Allergy UK is proud to be working with Amway

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Who are you and what do you do?

With more than 25 years of design and engineering excellence in the field of air purification, the AtmosphereTM brand provides best-in-class products for capturing airborne contaminants.  The AtmosphereTM brand has grown from one basic air treatment system in the United States to four unique products available in countries around the world.

What are your business objectives with regards to allergy and supporting people with allergic disease?

It’s been acknowledged that the air inside your home can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Allergies are a big concern for many individuals investigating the value of home air treatment systems.  And with global air pollution worsening, indoor air treatment systems are becoming more important.  We want people to live healthier lives by improving the quality of the air they breathe. That’s why the tagline for our Atmosphere™ brand is “Quality of Air is Quality of Life.”

Why have you chosen to partner with Allergy UK? 

We partner with Allergy UK for 2 reasons.  First, 3rd party certifications give our products a competitive advantage over products which have not been evaluated.  Plus, our global customers use Allergy UK’s website as a credible source for product recommendations and as a testament to the accuracy of product claims (including those associated with the performance of our Atmosphere™ brand products).  As an organization that prides itself on transparency, we encourage our customers and business owners to reference Allergy UK information before making any substantial purchase decision.

What is the overall objective for the partnership? 

We want to align ourselves with – and provide support for – organizations like yours that educate users on how to live healthier lives.