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Spoon Guru

Spoon Guru is the world’s leading safe, accurate and reliable dietary management solution. Spoon Guru also has a pioneering smart food search & discovery app to help you find appropriate products and recipes for your food preferences. The app comes equipped with a powerful barcode scanner for immediate assessment of a product's suitability. 

By combining world leading expertise in nutrition and dietetics with state of the art machine learning and research science we are able to deliver relevant food choices that exactly fit consumers’ individual food preferences. Spoon Guru supports an array of wellbeing, lifestyle and medical diets, accurately matching foods and recipes to people’s unique dietary needs.

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Spoon Guru has recently announced a game changing partnership with Tesco to help Tesco's customers with specific allergies and food preferences to quickly and easily find relevant food choices. Read more about the partnership here.  

Spoon Guru caters for every body's food preference - because every body is unique!