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Astex Pristine (Fully Encased)

Approved by Allergy UK

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Made from  very tightly woven polyester fibres, the Astex Pristine full encasements prevent dust mite and cat allergens from escaping into the atmosphere and protect the sleeper from contact with these triggers.  Because of the high-tec construction of the fibre they are soft, cool and silent to sleep on.

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Prices ranging from £16 - £105


ACP Solutions Limited
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UK and Worldwide

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Cat Allergen, House Dust Mite

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Edorsed Product Range:

ASTEX PRISTINE (Fully Encased)
Duvet Encasement
Mattress Encasement
Pillow Encasement
Full Cot Range

Available in all UK & European sizes

Astex "Pristine" Allergy Bedding is a range of full encasing covers. Manufactured in the UK by ACP Solutions they are made out of a high tech fabric that prevents 100% of dustmite allergens and cat dander from passing through. All Astex "Pristine" Allergy bedding is guaranteed for 5 years.

Mattress, duvet and pillow cases are fully zipped and the zips have back panels to prevent any venting out of allergens.

Astex "Pristine" Allergy Bedding is available in all UK and European (Ikea) sizes. Astex"Pristine" covers also come in a travel version for the protection of allergy sufferers travelling on business or for pleasure.

As Astex "Pristine" Allergy Bedding is a registered Class 1 Medical Device, sufferers of asthma and some other allergic conditions can self certify their condition in which case VAT is deducted from the cost of the goods.

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