SAAG (School Allergy Action Group)

A free seven-step user-friendly toolkit to help you develop a whole school allergy awareness policy for your secondary school.

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Do you want to:

  • Develop a whole school allergy awareness policy for your school?
  • Reassure governors, parents and pupils that a policy is in place for the safety of pupils with allergy?

The SAAG process involves senior management teams, teachers, caterers, pupils and parents, working together and sharing knowledge and information in order to develop a whole school allergy management policy for their own school.

Secondary schools can download the toolkit and work through the seven steps at their own pace, with a completion certificate after each stage.  It’s hosted by Allergy UK and the team at is there to help with any questions or problems.  We also welcome any feedback you may have about the SAAG process.

This free toolkit and supporting resources reflect European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) guidance on supporting pupils with allergic conditions in school and EU legislation on food labelling.

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  3. You will have to create your own password so that you will have secure access to your school’s seven step programme
  4. All the resources you need are included. Work through it at your own pace – the system allows you to go back, but you will need to complete each stage before you progress through the programme.
  5. There’s an opportunity to feed back after each stage and let us know how you are getting on.

While you can go at your own pace your log-in period is for 12 months.  If during that time you have any problems with completing any of the stages do let us know if we  can help.

Experiencing an incident at school gave us the warning we needed to make some rigorous changes in our approach to allergy management and, just as importantly, in the approach of the whole school community towards allergy management – SAAG Case Study


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Disclaimer: The SAAG programme is a guide to help secondary schools in the UK develop and implement their own allergy management policies.  The programme offers general information on the types of factors to consider when developing and implementing the policies, but should be considered, assessed and adapted by you in relation to the specific environment and operation of your own school; it is not intended to be a set of instructions or to comprise advice on what your implementation should look like.

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