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Flying With Allergy Survey

Early in 2018 we carried out a survey among people living with allergy asking them to tell us about their experiences when flying, particularly the approach of airlines to passengers with allergy.  Nearly 800 people took part and here are the results.

I think allergy awareness training is a must for anyone catering/serving food- on an aircraft there is very little in the way of backup supplies as a possible substitute

Survey Response

Question 6

Over half of the people who responded fly regularly (1-4 times a year).

Question 9

Nearly 37% rated their experience as poor or very poor.

Question 10

Over 50% said that they picked an airline based on their approach to allergy, either specifically or where possible.

Question 11

However, just over a third said that their allergy stopped them from flying as frequently as they would like.

Question 18

Just over 30% had been served with food containing allergens in error.

Question 20

More than 17% had had the experience of an allergic reaction while flying.

Question 12

Lack of clarity around airlines' policies appeared to be an issue, with over 70% feeling that policies are not clear.

My experience is that many people are uneducated about allergies. Airlines try but my food allergies are extreme and I can go into anaphylaxis with pepper so have to bring my own food.

Survey Response