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Allergy Awareness Week 2019

Allergy UK, the UK’s leading national patient charity for people living with allergy, is celebrating our annual Allergy Awareness Week 2019, which marks the beginning of our 12-month focus on air quality.

Poor air quality is linked to an astounding 36,000 premature deaths a year, with transport pollution cited as a significant source. This is particularly worrying for people living with asthma, because pollution can bring on symptoms and make you more sensitive to your normal allergic asthma triggers. So we’re dedicating the next 12 months to raising awareness on the effects of air quality on people living with allergy.

Throughout Allergy Awareness Week 2019, we’ll be discussing the links between allergy and pollution, and investigating how our habits can be changed to improve the environment and subsequently our health. We aim to raise awareness of the impact of poor air quality and the link between poor air quality and allergy. We’ll be encouraging the public to get involved in activities such as travelling by public transport to reduce pollution, meal planning an allergen free menu and buying local so as to reduce air miles.

We also aim to increase the knowledge and understanding among healthcare professionals as well as promoting better management of allergic conditions.

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