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Allergy UK welcomes new PollerGEN announcement

National patient charity Allergy UK welcomes the news that scientists could be a step closer to providing more accurate pollen forecasts to those living with allergies. The research project, known as PollerGEN, shows interesting findings about the way in which asthma attacks or intense hay fever could be related to the release of pollen from particular grass species.

Allergy UK's Head of Clinical Services, Amena Warner explains; “Grass pollen allergy (hay fever) is a very common allergy that can make the late spring and summer months miserable for those affected. It can be mild, moderate or severe and can be different on different days and apart from staying in all the time, it is very difficult to avoid when outdoors. Medication is the only current way to control the symptoms (see Allergy UK factsheet on hay fever).

“Helping us to understand grass pollen species in much more depth is very welcome, particularly if in the future it can be used to provide information to the population affected by grass pollen allergy, that may help them make informed choices about their outdoor environment to be able to enjoy it. 

"Allergy UK was a major supporter of this research and welcomes the study's latest findings. We are looking forward to further findings later this year and the benefits this will bring to those living with hayfever”

This research was led by an interdisciplinary team of scientists from Bangor University, The National Botanic Garden of Wales, Aberystwyth University, University of Exeter, University of New South Wales, Sydney; The University of Queensland, University of Worcester, in collaboration with the UK Met Office, collectively known as PollerGEN (, and supported by a £1.2 million NERC Standard Grant.

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