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A thank you letter to my Mum on Mother’s Day - Martha aged 12

Dear Mum

I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you when you planned and prepared for my brother’s 5th birthday and laid out all treats including; nuts and hummus.

Not knowing that I, aged two was allergic to both.

I guess you figured it out pretty quickly when I had to be rushed to the emergency clinic having an allergic reaction to the sesame – we found out about the nut allergy later through tests. For years my brother used my allergy against me by saying ‘there were nuts in there’ to keep me out of a room.

Martha 3

It must have been difficult for you having one child who loved nuts and one who could literally die from eating one, but you made sure neither of us felt left out or upset. Nutella! Everyone loves it but you made sure I could have an alternative spread.

Mum, you have helped me so much. I can’t imagine what I would do without you and your quick thinking I may not be here writing this enormous thank you for getting me this far and for giving me the confidence and training to properly look after myself.

Martha 1

I love you mum, Happy Mother’s Day. Breakfast is on me – NO NUTELLA.

Love Martha

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