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A thank you letter to my Mum on Mother’s Day - Robert aged 14:

Dear Mum

When I was born, you weren’t expecting your third child to be allergic to about every food your other two children could eat.

I am lucky to have a mother who checked every ingredient, read every fact on my allergy and protected me from danger.

Robert 1

My brother and sister could have chocolate and Nutella – although I can how have chocolate, I would still really like to know what all the fuss about Nutella is! When I was young, you made sure I knew what I could and couldn’t eat and why. I could never leave the house without my bag of inhalers, antihistamines and AAIs. You made sure I didn’t miss out on parties and we designed T-shirts for me to wear that alerted people of my life threatening allergies.

Robert 2

Although I have outgrown some of the allergies, I still can’t leave home without my bag. You never made me feel different, you encouraged me to learn all about what I could and couldn’t eat and on this Mother’s Day, I wanted to say, thank you for everything and for getting me this far.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love Robert

Show your love and support for families and children living with allergy by making a small donation this Mother's Day 

Robert 3

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