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Spring to it …

On 20th March, winter officially turns into spring and what better time to revitalise your home with a good old spring clean.

The tradition of a spring clean came from the days when all homes were heated by open fires, so the return of the warm weather was an ideal time to clean your home of the soot and dirt accumulated over the winter.

Nowadays, open fires are much less common. However our modern lifestyles led us to spending approximately 90% of our time indoors[1]. Poor ventilation and high humidity causes dust mite build up and mould, and our love of products, pets and plants fill our indoor environment with pollutants[2].

House dust mite allergy is very common and associated with asthma, eczema and perennial allergic rhinitis. Mites are found in carpets, soft furnishing, clothing and most significantly, in bed.  The spores from mould can also trigger allergic symptoms such as runny/itchy nose, itchy eyes, eczema and, most importantly, asthma.

So take advantage of the longer days and give your home a good spring clean to help keep your family healthy and happy into the summer.

Our top tips:

Choose cleaning products carefully: Aim for cleaning products which are non-toxic or have a reduced chemical content, avoid aerosols which will fill the air with pollutants and explore cleaning appliances which do not require the use of chemical products.

Use a steam cleaner with our Seal of ApprovalTM: Our endorsed steam cleaners are proven to sanitise surfaces and kill dust mites without the need of chemicals.

Focus on your bed: This is the prime location for dust mites. There are a few ways to treat your bedding and reduce this allergen:

  • Buy bedding which allows a hot wash at 60 degrees or higher, washing at this temperature will help to reduce the house dust mite levels
  • Use a bed cleaner 
  • Invest in anti-allergy mattresses and bedding. See endorsed mattresses and bedding 

Focus on other prime allergen catchment areas: Read our Allergies in the Home range of Factsheets or visit our Allergy House to understand where allergens build up and where else to focus your cleaning.

Invest in a vacuum cleaner with our Seal of ApprovalTM: We have a wide range of endorsed vacuum cleaners which are proven to reduce allergens in your home, such as pet, dust mite, pollen and fungi.

Removing mould:

  • Solutions are available which remove moulds and prevent their growth, those in spray form should be avoided and liquids used instead
  • An air purifier may help to remove allergens from the air
  • To prevent mould spreading, make sure rooms are well ventilated. When cooking, showering or bathing, open windows where possible and use extractor fans vented outside.

Wear gloves: If you’re using any products, remember to wear gloves to protect your skin. If you have a latex allergy, there are a number of high street retailers offering latex free options.

Visit our Allergy House to find out more about managing allergens around the home. Thank you to Amway, Sealy, Waterwipes, Polti and HayMax for sponsoring our Allergy House.

Our Seal of ApprovalTM

Our globally recognised product endorsement scheme, Seal of ApprovalTM, was established in 1995 and is now used in over 150 countries by over 95 companies. Our endorsement of products is based on independent scientific testing and proven to reduce or remove allergens from the indoor environment. For more information, please visit our website



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