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Latest update on adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs)

We have received calls to the Allergy UK Helpline about the shortage of adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) across all three brands – Emerade®, Epipen® and Jext®.  We are also aware of pharmacists who are concerned that they are unable to source AAIs in their area. 

We are aware of the worry that this may cause to those whose allergies require having an adrenaline auto-injector as part of their allergy management plan. This is especially important at holiday time, for those travelling away from home who need prescriptions filled and we will continue to ask the manufacturers for regular updates on the situation. 

Remember to check the expiry date on all of your AAI devices, and allow plenty of time for these to be replaced. The expiry date is the last day of the month in which the device expires. 


If you are unable to get your usual type of adrenaline auto-injector supplied it is advisable to contact your GP. Where an alternative type of AAI is prescribed ensure that you know how to use it, as all devices have different instructions for use. 

Your GP or Pharmacist should be able to assist you with these training needs and further information is available on the manufacture’s website.  

We are attempting to get a clearer picture of what is happening out there with the distributors of Emerade® (Bausch & Lomb) and Jext® (Alk-Abelló), and Mylan, the marketing authorisation holder of Epipen®.                 

We have had verbal information from Bausch & Lomb that they are expecting supplies of Emmerade to reach UK wholesale from July 31st 2018 and an increased level of stock in the future.

We understand throughout the summer and into the peak September back-to-school month Jext® will have weekly deliveries and will continue to do all they can to maintain supply. There are no manufacturing issues with Jext®

We understand that Mylan’s distribution partner, Alliance do have stock of EpiPen® and are processing orders using a script validation process of two pens per script.  Their latest statement is on their website available here.

Please do contact us through our Helpline (01322 619898) or web chat ( to let us know if you are experiencing difficulties with your prescription.  We want to hear from you so that we can communicate with manufacturers and distributors about the impact of this situation on members of our community and provide what advice we can to callers. You may also wish to contact them directly.

We will provide a further update as soon as we can.

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