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Statement for the release of the Peter Rabbit film

Along with other patient organisations across the world, Allergy UK has made its views about the ‘allergy bullying’ scene in the new Peter Rabbit film very clear. Our independent and collaborative approaches to Sony, which were intended to open up a dialogue on ways in which we might work together on an educational message or initiative around the film, have met with complete silence. In response to a similar approach to the BBFC we received what can only be called a dismissive response.

Allergy UK’s greatest challenge is to improve understanding and awareness of allergic disease and the realities of living with what can be a life threatening condition.  As the number of children with food allergy increases, the education of our young people becomes even more important to create a better understanding of what food allergy means for their fellow pupils and friends and the very real dangers associated with it.

This sequence in a film which is targeted at relatively young children does not help us or other like-minded organisations across the world towards achieving that objective. Sadly, neither have we been given the opportunity to explore with Sony ways in which we could work together to draw attention to the reality of experiencing a serious allergic reaction and its consequences.

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