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Flying with allergy: It’s time to make positive changes

Flying can be a very daunting prospect for people with an allergy and Allergy UK wants to change that. That’s why we’ve asked all major UK airlines to help us make flying easier and safer for people with allergies.

We’ve asked airlines to provide us with details of their current policies on supporting passengers with allergy, the training they provide for their crews and their plans for the future. At the same time, we’re asking people with allergy to tell us their experiences of flying.

The information we gather will be used to consider what steps need to be taken to improve support for people flying with all kinds of allergies, to help them feel more confident when they travel.

Flying with Allergy

We want to make a positive change to air travel for allergic passengers. Your experiences and feedback will help us to make this change.

Carla Jones, CEO of Allergy UK, said, “Flying with an allergy has been high on the news agenda recently and we’ve received a huge response from our community. This response has demonstrated that flying with an allergy can be an extremely unpredictable experience which often leaves people who have an allergy feeling unsafe and anxious about travelling by plane.

 “There seems to be a real inconsistency in the knowledge and understanding of cabin crews around allergies.  From what we’ve been told by the allergic community, this isn’t just between airlines, but also between individual flights, leaving many people very worried about what to expect ahead of a flight, and some choosing not to fly altogether.

“We believe that there is also wider issue around the way allergy requests are managed by airlines and we want to help address this. This includes training, gaining an understanding of what airlines are able to do and what restrictions they have, together with ensuring a wider understanding of the seriousness of allergy. The first step is finding out exactly what each airline is currently doing, where there are gaps, where there are examples of best practice and what they are looking to do in the future.”

Allergy UK has sent a detailed questionnaire to all UK-based airlines with responses expected early in the New Year.

If you have an allergy, please share your experiences of flying with us here.

Details of questions airlines have been asked can be found here.

Allergy UK offers support and advice to people travelling with an allergy via its Helpline and online Factsheets.

To speak to the Helpline, call 01322 619898.

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