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Plan ahead to keep safe this Christmas

Tips for a fun and safe Festive break

Christmas is a time of celebration, but it can be daunting for people with an allergy, with exposure to more possible triggers.

Here’s our top tips for being prepared and staying safe this Christmas.

Keep mould to a minimum!

Lots of festive activities revolve around being indoors and being in a humid and warm environment, which is perfect for harbouring hidden mould.

  • Make sure Christmas trees and decorations that have been stored away all year are well aired and cleaned to ensure they are mould free.
  • Use exhaust fans when cooking, showering or bathing to prevent condensation and mould
  • Piles of damp fire wood stored close to the house or brought inside can be a source of mould

Check out our mould Factsheets here

Check your allergy medication!

Make sure you have a good supply of your allergy medications over the festive period:

  • Check expiry dates and request prescriptions well in advance of your GP surgery closing for Christmas
  • Pharmacists are well placed to advise on a range of allergic conditions and allergy medications – visit your pharmacist if you have a query.
  • Ensure your allergy medications/devices are with you wherever you are over Christmas

Are you allergic to medication? See our drug allergy factsheets here

Keep your furry friends’ loose fur contained when possible!

Pets are common place in homes but for those with an allergy to pet dander visiting homes with pets in over Christmas can be a problem.

  • As it gets colder, your furry friends will probably be spending more time indoors increasing the level of pet dander in the home.
  • Consider keeping pets out of the bedroom and communal areas where the majority of time is spent.
  • Regular cleaning of floors and surfaces will help minimise the amount of pet dander.
  • Do not allow pets on soft furnishings like sofas, cushions or beds as their dander will stay there long after they get off

Find our Allergy to Domestic Pets Factsheet here

Enjoy a safe festive feast!

  • Let family and friends know of your allergy well in advance of your Christmas visits so they can cater for you
  • If you’re hosting, ask your guest if they have any allergies so you can plan in food for them
  • Watch out for home baked goods in schools or the office – double check with the person who made them for ingredients or stick to safe treats
  • Plan ahead when eating out this Christmas if you have an allergy – call or visit to check there’ll be safe food options
  • Watch out for hidden allergens in Christmas treats – always double check the label before dipping in

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