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It’s time to celebrate all of our wonderful Dads

It’s nearly the time of year that father’s across the nation enjoy getting spoilt rotten by their little ones (or big ones).

Fathers Day

Popular Father’s Day gifts may not be suitable if you live with an allergy, so here are some ways to celebrate and keep your special day safe.

The classic, breakfast in bed…

There’s nothing quite like watching their tiny, proud faces peeking over a tray of burnt toast and spilt tea. So stock up on dad’s favourite free-from breakfast items.

Click here for some free-from recipe ideas.

Be showered with gifts…

  • Toiletries and eczema - Avoid gifts that might exacerbate sensitive eczema skin , such as aftershave, fragrances or toiletries containing alcohol or perfume choosing plain and fragrance free options See our Allergy to Cosmetics Factsheet
  • Homemade food gifts and food allergy - Include a full list of ingredients. Avoid cross-contamination by making sure that cooking areas are kept clean and free from allergens during preparation.
  • Chocolate and food allergy– You’ll find free-from options in leading supermarkets, but make sure you carefully read the full list of ingredients. To help make safe food choices, food packaged within the EU must include the 14 major allergens (common types of food allergens such as milk, egg, fish and nuts) on the ingredients label and they’re usually highlighted in bold or italics.
  • Letterbox gifts and food allergy – These are very popular right now, we recommend contacting the supplier of any gifts containing food to make sure their food items include a full ingredients list and that there is no risk of cross-contamination See our Food Allergy Factsheets for more information.
  • Jewellery and nickel allergy - Pure gold (18 carat or more), solid silver and platinum jewellery is usually safe. See our Nickel Allergy Factsheet for more information.
  • Flowers and hay fever – It’s unlikely that someone living with a pollen allergy will experience allergic symptoms from flower pollen. The pollen that we become allergic to are very light, non-sticky and extremely small. Flower pollen is heavy, sticky and large, therefore doesn't become airborne like tree, weed and grass pollen do - However, when flowers are cut and brought indoors some people (especially those with asthma) can experience chest tightness from certain types (lilies are one of these flowers, with very strong smelling scent), this can act as an irritant for the lungs and also for the skin of some susceptible people.
  • Or maybe go for something a little less traditional that won’t break the bank: A family photo, a book/magazines, handmade cards and crafts such as friendship bracelets or keyrings, world’s best dad mug, selection of teas or something linked to their favourite hobby.

A family dinner cooked by the kids

Children learn best through play. So there’s never a better time than when they’re young to get them involved in cooking a family meal. Not only does it expose them to sensory play, maths, home safety and following process, but it can also help them begin to understand nutrients and the allergens found in food – in a fun and hands on way (an adult should supervise at all times and help with the chopping and any other sharp or dangerous appliances).

Finally and most importantly, we hope you all enjoy this special day.

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