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Important Product Recall Information -  Ecover Non Bio Laundry Liquid Ecover

 Ecover Non Bio Laundry Liquid Ecover has informed Allergy UK that it is recalling its bottles of Ecover Zero Non Bio Laundry Liquid (1.5 litres) in two specific batch codes because of a safety concern.  These were sold through retail outlets from November 2020. The affected bottles contain potassium hydroxide at hazardous levels that can cause the bottles to leak. The manufacturer advises that if you think you have an affected bottle do not open and stop using it immediately. They also advise that any leaking bottles should be handled with gloved hands.

What You should doIf you bought this product recently you can go to and check whether you have an affected bottle and to organise careful collection and a refund. Or call 00800 0000 2655 (free from a landline).

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