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COVID-19 - Emergency Allergy Treatment in Schools

As children prepare to return to school, we have received queries from concerned parents and school staff around the administration of emergency anaphylaxis medication during the COVID-19 pandemic and whether this will be affected by social distancing measures.

Allergy UK wrote a joint letter along with the BSACI and Anaphylaxis Campaign to the Department for Education in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to request a clear statement about school staff obligations should a pupil require anaphylaxis treatment.

You can read our joint letter in full here.

We have now received responses from:

  • The Scottish Government (John Swinney, The Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills) Read letter in full here
  • The Department for Education (Sarah Lewis, Early Years and Schools Group, on behalf of Andrew McCully, Department for Education) Read letter in full here

The Department for Education in England and Scotland have both stated that the guidance for supporting pupils with medical conditions at school(1,2) will remain in place when schools reopen.


1. ‘Supporting pupils with medical conditions at school’, Statutory guidance, Department for Education, published August 2017

2. ‘Supporting children and young people with healthcare needs in schools: guidance’ Scottish Government, published December 2017

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