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A Big Change with your Small Change

If you’re looking for an activity for the kids to get involved in this summer, our Big Change with your Small Change challenge could be just what you’re looking for.

Dad and child with penny jar

Every little helps us to achieve our mission to improve the lives of the millions of people living with allergy and getting children involved in fundraising at an early age is a great way to teach them that helping others can be fun.

That’s why we’ve launched our ‘Big Change with your Small Change’ challenge. This Big Change will mean a better awareness and recognition of what it’s really like to live with an allergic condition. This goes hand in hand with the work we do to drive improvements in the care of the people who turn to us for support – people who sometimes feel left behind when it comes to getting the diagnosis and treatment they need.

So we’re asking you, your family and your friends to do something we all do from time to time – a dive down the back of the sofa, a rummage through handbags and pockets and a rifle through those little pots and dishes of odds and ends we all have in our houses to find that treasure of small change that has somehow found its way out of our purses and wallets.

Whether it’s a few fluffy 10ps or a forgotten fiver, it will help us in our mission. So please get rummaging and donate your ‘back of the sofa small change’ to Allergy UK. Whatever the haul, you can be sure that it will help us do the work to which we are so committed. And then, at last, allergy will be taken seriously and our community will get the care and treatment they deserve.


How to play:

  • Make sure that there’s some spare change hidden away around your home; in drawers, under beds, down the back of the sofa etc. We know that in this digital age you might have less pennies laying about, if this is the case, you could include foreign currency and play money in the search. You might also want to hide some away in unusual places so it’s not too easy.
  • Make it any time, any where: Challenge your children to 30 minute hunt at home or extend the search over a few days or across the homes of other close family members (make sure you ask them first)
  • See if friends and family want to join the search - download our poster at the bottom of this page to keep track of who’s collected the most
  • Find a suitable penny collecting pot and start the hunt - download our penny jar label at the bottom of this page
  • Once you’ve completed the challenge, count up your findings and donate the same value through our Just Giving page

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