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Dr. William Frankland

Bill Frankland

Everyone at Allergy UK is very sad to hear of the death of Dr. William (Bill) Frankland on 2 April. His dedicated work in the field of allergy has helped millions of people who live with an allergy and, as the founder of the pollen count, his legacy continues as people with hay fever rely on this information to help them in their daily lives during the pollen season. 

A true pioneer, his research work began as far back as the immediate post war years when he and his team ran trials with thousands of allergy patients on the use of antihistamines for pollen allergy, and importantly showed that antihistamines are ineffective against asthma.  In the early 1950s he undertook research into the idea of desensitisation, developing  an understanding of how the level of immune response could be reduced by repeated low doses of the substance to which a patient has an allergy.  There is no doubt that Dr. Frankland's pioneering work informed the knowledge and treatment for people living with allergy today, particularly through his advances in immunotherapy treatment.

As a doctor he was loved by his patients for his commitment and care. He supported the work of this charity and we had the great pleasure of awarding him our Lifetime Achievement Award at our Allergy Heroes event in 2018 when we were able to publicly thank him for his work and support.

We send our condolences to Dr.Frankland’s family, friends and colleagues.  He was truly a remarkable person who we remember with great respect and affection.  

Carla Jones, CEO

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