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Living with Allergy - Children's Mental Health Week 2020

There is currently no cure for allergic disease, so those living with allergy must be constantly vigilant to avoid their allergic trigger and a potential reaction. This can cause anxiety and fear for the person, as well as their family.

 This week is Children’s Mental Health Week (3rd-9th February 2020) set up by the children’s mental health charity Place2Be. We are highlighting the psychological impact that allergy can have on children and young people.

 Allergy can affect the wellbeing of children in many different ways, including:

  •  Anxiety around a potential allergic reaction
  • Fear of using adrenaline auto-injectors
  • Negative relationships with food including food aversions and refusal
  • Sleep deprivation due to allergy symptoms, affecting mood and concentration at school
  • Visible symptoms such as eczema and hives causing low self-esteem
  • Isolation around social events such as birthday parties and eating out at restaurants

 We spoke to six-year-old Ash to hear about his experiences of living with multiple allergies.

 Ash’s Story

 “Hello, my name is Ash and I am 6 years old. I have multiple food allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts, soya and sesame.

 My mummy calls me her little hero as I fight every day to stay safe. It makes me sad that I can't eat birthday cakes like everyone else and sometimes I can not go to birthday parties or playdates as my friends’ mums and dads say I have allergies. 

 Knowing my mum and dad carry my medication everywhere I go, all the time, makes me feel safe.”

 If you need support with your allergy, or need advice on how to manage your child or loved one’s allergic condition, please contact our friendly Helpline team on 01322 619898. We also have a host of information on a range of different allergic conditions which is available to download here.

 Allergy UK works hard to support children and adults living with all types of allergic disease. For information on how you can fundraise to help us continue to support the allergic community, please click here:

Ash's story

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