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Celebrating our 2019 Heroes

Allergy Heroes 2019

In the run up to Christmas and the New Year, we will be celebrating our 2019 Allergy UK heroes and sharing their stories.

A huge thank you to absolutely everyone who has supported, fundraised and donated to Allergy UK this year. You have supported thousands of people and families living with allergy...

You have provided parents and carers with much needed dietitian services for their allergic children...You have provided Helpline support to hundreds of people living with allergy... You have provided resources for schools, giving them the knowledge and training needed to keep allergic children safe in their hands... You have provided clinical advice to people needing a better understanding of how to safely manage their allergic conditions.

These examples only scratch the surface of the amazing things you have done by supporting Allergy UK.

We will be sharing some of our 2019 supporters Giving Stories on Facebook and Instagram throughout December. Please follow and share our #AllergyUKHeroes2019 posts to help even more people living with allergy.

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