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EMERADE® AAIs: Emerade Supply Notice

Emerade Supply Notice   

We are also aware of a Supply Alert regarding Emerade® devices issued to healthcare professionals by the Department of Health.  We understand that all Emerade® devices manufactured by Bausch and Lomb in the UK will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. The current supply situation is as follows: 

Emerade 150microgram – out of stock from 16 December 2019

Emerade 300microgram – out of stock

Emerade 500 microgram – out of stock from 2 December 29019 

This means that those carrying Emerade® AAIs will be prescribed a different brand once the current ones have expired. You will need to talk to your healthcare professional who will review your AAI prescription and discuss alternative brands with you. Outstanding prescriptions for Emerade® AAIs in the pharmacies will be amended by your prescriber. 


  • That the expiry date means that the device should not be used after the end of the month listed*
  • Other brands Epipen® and Jext® have different operating methods. Ask your healthcare professional or pharmacist find operating instructions on the manufacturers’ websites: EpiPenJext
  • Always carry two in date AAIs and make sure you know how to use them 

*For those with Epipen® 300 micrograms and Jext®® 150 micrograms some expiry dates have been extended.  Youi can check on the relevant batches on the manufacturers’ websites: 

Mylan (Epipen®)    ALK-Abello Ltd. (Jext®)

We understand that this situation and the potential of shortages of AAIs  is very concerning for our community and you should speak to your healthcare professional about these new arrangements.  Our Helpline team has all the above information and are here for support on 01322 619898.

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