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Marty’s Halloween tips and activities

Marty has just learnt about Halloween. There is no Halloween on planet Zaddja and he did not really understand it at first but when we explained that it is a time for dressing up he got very excited. So much so that he’s pencilled in a special visit us on Halloween to join in on the fancy dress fun. Marty thinks he looks very different in his space suit, mask and cape, so he thought Halloween would be the perfect night to come along and fit in nicely with all the children dressed up for Halloween. But when we told him that it was a time for parties with the party food and snacks that children love he immediately understood how important it is for children with food allergies to stay safe. So he had a think and came up come up with some ideas and tips to make Halloween a happy and safe time for children with food allergies.

Marty says:
My earthly friends tell me that Halloween is at the end of the October and it’s a time to dress up and have fun carving big orange fruit called pumpkins and going on trick-or-treat expeditions. I have had a think about this. Halloween sounds like a time for all children to have some fun, including those with food allergy, but it’s important to take care and my super alien brain has come up with some ideas to help.

Party games
My simple food-free game ideas will fill the house with freakish fun:
● Pin the spider on the web, nose on the witch, tail on the black cat…
● Fancy dress competition
● Halloween treasure hunt
● Ghoulish guess what? Hide various objects on a tray under a tea towel, and let the children feel and guess what they are.

Our Marty pumpkin stencil
My friends have made this Pumpkin Stencil of my alien face. You can download it, cut it out and use it for carving your pumpkin’s face. And grownups who welcome trick-or-treaters can pop it in their window to show that they have treats for children with food allergies. There is a poster too.

How to carve your pumpkin with care: Pumpkin Carving Safety

I have had a think about non-food treats too but make sure they are latex free:
● Small items like rubbers and pencils for school
● Bubbles
● Stickers
● Packs of coloured pencils/crayons
● Finger puppets
● Bouncy balls
● Bookmarks
● Mini notebooks/activity books
● Halloween novelties

And Marty says “always please ask if the child has a food allergy before giving out Halloween food treats” 

Marty Blue gallery

Mums and Dads - I have had a few ideas about keeping your children with food allergy safe:
● Drop off some safe food treats at your friends and neighbours’ homes
● Don’t forget to take your child’s allergy medication with you when you go trick or treating with them
● My friend the ‘Switch Witch’ can help - if your trick or treater gets given lots of treats that they can’t eat, take them home and leave them out at night for the ‘Switch Witch’ to sprinkle some magic on. She’ll drop by on her broomstick whilst your trick or treater sleeps; take away the inedibles and replace them with something marvellous that your little one can enjoy

Join me and my friends in our allergy friendly mission at to find out more.

A happy and safe Halloween everyone.

Love Marty

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