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Meet Marty

There is a new superhero in town and his name is Marty. We have all heard of Batman, Robin, Spider Man and all those other heroes who fight the baddies, but Marty is a bit​ different. He is a champion for all those children who cannot enjoy the snacks and foods that​ other children can because of their food allergies.

 Marty knows how it feels to miss out on certain foods because of food allergens, particularly​ when it comes to parties and social occasions. He also understands how parents worry about​ their children and want to keep them safe and all the hard work they do reading labels and​ studying ingredients. That is why he is on a mission to make the world an allergy-friendly one, dedicated to helping allergy-impacted children eat, play and socialise in a fun, inclusive and safe way.

 On his home planet Zaddja he studies foods, ingredients and flavours​ and now he has brought his knowledge to our world with his first invention – a range of delicious​ crisps free from gluten, peanuts and eggs. Marty knows which ingredients to combine and he​ has combined them in these delicious allergy-friendly snacks and he tells us (we have translated from​ Zaddja) that there is more to come.​

 Marty loves his work, he loves food and​ his mission has only just begun.​ Join Marty and his friends in their allergy friendly mission at to​ find out more.


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