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Scrub those allergens away

Thanks to likes of Mrs Hinch and Lynsey Queen of Clean, many of us now enjoy cleaning our way through our to-do lists, and whilst cleaning is an effective way of removing allergens such as pet dander, mould and other allergens from your home environment, some cleaning products can contain ingredients that may trigger or worsen allergic symptoms including asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. 

If you have allergies in your household, try to choose cleaning products which are non-toxic or have a reduced content of harsh chemicals. Avoid aerosols which will fill the air with pollutants and try to use cleaning appliances which do not require the use of harmful chemicals. 

You should use protective gloves when cleaning, particularly if you have sensitive skin or allergic symptoms such as eczema. If you have a latex allergy, many retailers offer latex-free options. 

Allergy UK has a globally recognised product endorsement scheme for products which have been proven through independent scientific testing to reduce or remove allergens from the indoor environment. It is also awarded to products which have been proven to benefit, or cause no reaction in people living with allergy. You can see a list of our endorsed cleaning products here

Clean with steam

Steam cleaners are an efficient and environmentally friendly way to remove allergens from the indoor environment without using harsh chemicals. Use a steam cleaner with our Seal of ApprovalTM as these products have been tested in a laboratory and scientifically proven to reduce the presence of house dust mites and other allergens. 

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Suck it up

You should use a vacuum cleaner with efficient pick up and filtration to remove pet, dust mite, pollen and mould allergen from your floors. You can choose a vacuum cleaner which has been awarded our Seal of ApprovalTM as these have been tested to be effective against allergens. Take care when emptying bagless vacuum cleaners, as there is a risk of inhaling house dust mite or pet allergen which could cause allergic symptoms and/or trigger an asthma attack. 

Avoid using a feather duster when cleaning as this can 'flick' allergens into the air which may remain airborne for several hours. Instead, we recommend damp dusting to remove allergens from your surfaces. 

Stamp out damp

Removing mould: You can purchase mould removal solutions to remove mould allergen and prevent further growth. Try to avoid the spray forms and choose liquid forms instead to prevent yourself from inhaling these substances. 

As well as regular cleaning, you may wish to invest in an air purifier to remove allergens from the air. Allergy UK has a list of endorsed air purifiers independently tested to be effective at allergen removal. 

To find out more about how to reduce your exposure to allergies in your home, take a tour of our brand new Allergy House! Or visit our “Improving Your Indoor Air Quality” section for more detailed information on reducing different types of allergens in your home.

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