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Indoor Allergy Week: Fighting Allergies on the Home Front


Issue Date: 15:00hrs Monday 7th October 2019




It’s Indoor Allergy Week (7-11 October) and Allergy UK is focusing on the health impacts of poor Indoor Air Quality on all of us. Have you ever considered how much time we spend indoors? The fact is that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors,1 but while we may be aware of outdoor air pollution, how often do we think about the quality of the air we are breathing while we are in our homes and places of work?

In fact, the indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2-10 times higher than outdoor levels and a minimum of 99,000 deaths per year are attributed to indoor air pollution in the EU.2 And while poor indoor air quality can affect all of us in some way those living with respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and other indoor allergies are particularly vulnerable to its impact.

So during this Indoor Allergy Week Allergy UK is launching a range of new materials, information and advice on maintaining a healthy indoor air quality for people who live with allergic disease:

  • The new interactive Allergy House ( will help people identify allergy hotspots in their homes. Allergy House visitors will be able to move through the rooms and see where those hotspots are and find out what they can do to reduce exposure to triggers such as mould, pet dander and house dust mite. Thank you to our sponsors, Amway, Sealy, HayMax and WaterWipes for making our house possible.
  • The new Allergy UK Indoor Allergy Factsheet has been clinically reviewed to provide expert information and advice on indoor allergies including house dust mite, mould, and pet allergy and is downloadable for free from the Allergy UK website.
  • Information and practical tips on allergen management, with ideas for cleaning our homes without the harsh chemicals that can contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Amena Warner, Head of Clinical Services at Allergy UK says; “This year we have been focusing on air quality and the impacts of poor air quality on people who live with allergies of all kinds.  Our modern lives mean that we spend a huge amount of our time indoors. Our living spaces are often poorly ventilated, causing high humidity for mould and house dust mite allergen to flourish. Many of us have pets living in our homes and they add to the allergens in the indoor environment.

This Allergy Awareness Week we are encouraging everyone to learn more about the things they can do to improve the quality of the air in their homes and ways to manage indoor allergies. There are some simple things you can do which could make a difference.”

Allergy UK will be using #AUKindoorallergyweek and #AllergyHouse in our social media posts throughout the week, so please use these tags if you wish to be part of the conversation.

[1] EFA – Indoor Air Quality (Webpage):

2 Royal College of Physicians. Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution. Report of a working party. London: RCP, 2016                      


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