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Allergy UK supports the call for spare emergency adrenaline auto injectors in Schools

Allergy UK, the leading charity for people living with allergic disease, supports the call for spare emergency adrenaline auto injectors to be mandatory for schools. Together with other organisations Allergy UK lobbied hard for the change in the law in 2017 which now allows primary and secondary schools to obtain adrenaline auto injectors without prescription (, but this remains on a discretionary basis and take-up has been limited. The tragic death of Karanbir Cheema has highlighted the vital need for spare AAIs to be available in all schools for the emergency treatment of life threatening anaphylaxis – a reaction which can be unpredictable.  

Says Carla Jones, Allergy UK’s CEO: “Schools have a responsibility to care for pupils with medical conditions in line with the 2014 Children and Families Act. In the case of allergy much more needs to be done to ensure that school management teams, staff and pupils are aware of allergy and understand the challenges faced by those pupils who live with this condition and, most importantly, the life threatening consequences of an allergic reaction. Our free Schools Allergy Action Group (SAAG) online toolkit has been designed to help secondary schools develop a robust allergy management policy. This approach, together with mandatory AAIs for schools, is, we believe, essential for the provision of a safer environment for young people living with allergy during their time at school.”  

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