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How to use your AAI

Due to the current issues surrounding accessibility to auto-adrenaline injectors (AAIs), you may find yourself with a prescription for a brand you are not familiar with.

For your information, there are three types of adrenaline auto injectors available in the UK. All deliver ‘adrenaline’ (also referred to as ‘epinephrine’). All types are prescription only medicines, and need to be prescribed by a GP or allergy specialist.

The brands of adrenaline auto injectors available for use in the UK are:

Emerade - - Bausch & Lomb
Epipen - - Mylan

The way each device is used is different, so it is important that you are shown how to use your device.

Please familiarise yourself with the various ‘how to use’ guides below:

If the AAI is for your child and you do have a different brand prescribed for them, please ensure that you communicate the change to all of your child’s carers (e.g. school/grandparents) and signpost them to the videos listed above to ensure that they understand how to use administer the medicine.

Please always keep your pens with you, and always call an ambulance if you have used your adrenaline pen.

Please visit our website for more information about anaphylaxis and AAIs, or call our Helpline on 01322 619898.

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