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Emerade: How do I know if I have a faulty pen?

For background information on recent drug alert issued by Emerade please click here

All Emerade pens currently on the market have a low risk of being defective but there is no way for the patient to tell by looking at an unused device that it is faulty.  Users may be able to check if a dose of adrenaline has been delivered as expected by noting the following:

  • Before use, you can see the solution as clear and colourless in the viewing window of the pen by lifting the label.
  • If you need to use a pen and it works properly, you will see the plunger rod visible in the whole of the viewing window for the Emerade 300 mcg and 500 mcg autoinjector.  The viewing window for the 150 mcg autoinjector will appear yellow from the plunger rod and spacer component of the autoinjector. 
  • The plunger rod is of different colour for each strength of the Emerade autoinjector: blue for Emerade 500 mcg; green for Emerade 300 mcg and yellow for Emerade 150 mcg. 
  • If it fails to activate properly, you may not see the plunger rod or the plunger rod may not 'fill' the whole of the viewing window as it would do normally. You may also see a yellow spacer, which is a component of the autoinjector, in the viewing window for Emerade with needle blockage.Please note however that you may still hear an audible click even it has not worked correctly.  
  • It might be difficult to differentiate the viewing window for the 150 mcg Emerade pen between a successful activation (a pen without needle blockage) and unsuccessful activation (a pen with needle blockage).  Therefore in all cases it is important that if you stlll feel unwell after your first injection you should administer your second pen without delay (5-15 minutes according to the patient leaflet). You should make sure you carry two devices at all times.

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