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Sulphite Alerts


Crzan Tarty Horseradish

Manufacturer: EDMAL

Product name: EDMAL Crzan Tarty Horseradish

Pack size: 290g glass jar NP

Durability date: NP (produced on):17/11/15

DW (display until):17/05/2016

Z.P.H. EDMAL is recalling its Chrzan Tarty Horseradish because the product contains sulphites, which are not mentioned on the packaging. This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with a sensitivity to sulphur dioxide or sulphites.

If you have bought the above product and have a sensitivity to sulphur dioxide or sulphites do not consume it. Instead, return the product(s) to the store from where it was bought.

No other products are known to be affected

Note from Allergy UK: If you have any concerns about the above product please contact our helpline on 01322 619898.

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