Panasonic Washing Machine

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Thanks to the Steam Action, a spray of extremely powerful steam particles are included in the washing cycle. Due to the constant high temperature of steam during the Allergy-care programme, 99.99% of allergens (House dust mites and pollen) are removed; as endorsed by Allergy UK.

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Panasonic Washing Machine


House Dust Mite and Pollen

Retail price

Prices ranging from £699 - £799


Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH

Telephone No: 0844 844 3899 (for UK customers)


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Panasonic Washing Machine


Endorsed Model No's & Availability:



NA-140VZ4 - UK & France.

NA-140VS4 -UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland.



Further information:


  • Energy efficient : A+++

Panasonic HydroActive + technology consist in 5 point multi-directional showers coming from 5 directions which rapidly penetrate the laundry and guarantee efficient washing and rinsing. In addition to that, the 3D Sensor, Perfect Sense, and Inverter motor all work together perfectly to ensure clean results and the best possible resource savings.

This leads to a top energy rating of A+++. The NA-140VZ4 and NA-140VS4 are even 30% more efficient than the best A+++ energy efficiency rating.*

* Compared to the limit of highest energy efficiency class A+++ (EEI 46), calculated according to EU Regulation 1061/2010 (2010/30/EU).


  • Large washing capacity: 10 kg
  • Steam Action: Easy Iron Technology 

- Reduces wrinkles

- Quickly refreshes the laundry without washing

- Removes 99.99%* of allergens (Pollen & dust mites)

*Figure based on internal testing and endorsed by Allergy UK


  • Washing more quietly

Thanks to the Inverter brushless motor and the Silent Arch Design which absorbs the noise and the vibrations, the washing machine is very silent.