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New Year, New Opportunities

Have you set yourself a challenge for 2017? Maybe you’re looking to start jogging, running, or you’re thinking of something more challenging…

Over the course of last year, we included stories from our fundraisers in Focus magazine. If you are interested in signing up to any of the events we have coming up this year, take a look at what some of them had to say and see if it tempts you to follow, or run, in their footsteps!


Royal Parks Half Marathon

Charlotte Parker ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon in 2015 and has also volunteered for the Fundraising team at Allergy UK. After her first daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, and her second daughter followed the same path, she turned to Allergy UK for support, visiting the website and the forum to read about similar experiences.

“I wanted to do something worthwhile and support a cause close to my heart. I thought of my two daughters and the struggle they have been through with drinking and eating since the day they were born – something most people take for granted. When someone mentions the word ‘allergy’ I think of the pain, crying, constant hospital visits, medication, no one taking it seriously and my babies rejecting even the basics such as water. It’s a daily debilitating condition. Just because they haven’t got a broken leg that you can see doesn’t mean there isn’t something in their lives that affects them immensely.”


London Marathon

Katie Kinsella is a keen fundraiser for Allergy UK. She had her life turned upside down when her daughter Evie suffered from an allergic reaction to a mouthful of yoghurt. Life changed drastically for Kate and her family as they had to learn quickly how to live with a child with severe allergies. Katie turned to Allergy UK for advice and support during this period.

In April 2016, Katie ran the London Marathon to raise funds for Allergy UK, after the charity helped her and her family through a difficult time. In October, Katie arranged a charity ball at Dunston Hall in Norfolk, raising over £2,600 in donations.

“I felt it was important to raise awareness of allergic disease to increase understanding of just how difficult it can be to live with allergies. I would encourage anyone thinking about fundraising for Allergy UK to go for it! When it’s something that you feel passionate about, it’s so worth it.”



If you’re challenging yourself to do something a little more daring, you could sign up for a skydive!

Rob Kinsella is Katie’s husband and, with the team at his workplace, TW Gaze Auction Rooms, he took part in a 13,000ft skydive, raising over £2,000 for the charity. The Auction Rooms selected Allergy UK as their ‘Charity of the Year’ for 2016.

“Allergy UK has always been there to offer us advice and suggestions on how to manage our childrens’ allergies. During a time in your life when everything is turned upside down and you are completely lost, it is vital that there is a source of help”, Rob says. “Training for the jump was fairly easy. We started by jumping off a kerb, and worked our way up to a chair then before we knew it we were ready for the plane!”


Organising Your Own Event?

We often have fundraisers approach us with their own ideas. We’ve had people organise charity balls, long cycle rides, and dance tournaments on our behalf!

After severe food allergies led to the tragic loss of his son Cameron, Riz Wahid organised a charity football tournament to raise funds for Allergy UK.

“I’d never organised a charity event before and Allergy UK were really helpful in providing advice on health and safety, insurance and the best way to promote and raise funds. There were plenty of offers to get involved. We had teams wanting to take part, parents wanting to help on the day and even companies wanting to sponsor the event!” Riz says. “If you’re looking to fundraise for Allergy UK, my advice would be to talk to them to get some ideas and support. The more help Allergy UK can get to increase awareness of the realities of living with allergy, the better.”

If you would like to see how others have raised money for Allergy UK and find some inspiration, read more about them on our fundraising page. For a full list of events with details on how to sign up, visit our website. Alternatively, give us a ring on 01322 619 898 and see what we can do for you!